About us

About us

Puzz-­R.com is a newly formed startup aiming to become the daily hub for people on both sides of the supply and demand chain in a fun way.

We are looking to capture the attention of those interested in the latest on offer from around the world and those who are looking to promote and market their products.

Puzz-­R.com is currently managed by a professional team of engineers and specialists in the field of website development, e­commerce and marketing.

Our aim is to engage with people from all the markets and fields in Asia, the Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

To accomplish our aim, we hope that we developed a site that brings the maximum all around experience.

Puzzles to Win!

Puzz-­R.com is aiming to have puzzles to be played for items in different categories worldwide or per country.

These items will be funded either by Puzz-­R.com as part of the strategy to pipeline the world’s interest or by Sponsors and Advertisers.


Puzzles for Fun

Puzz-­R.com has a number of Puzzles to play for fun with different difficulty levels. You can consider it as a training session for the Puzzles to Win!

Rival Puzzles!

Support your favorite by Playing a Puzzle!

Puzz-­R.com will be having daily puzzles to be played to choose your favorite among two. Show your support and play as much as you can their photo puzzle.

At the Puzz­-R, everything can be found even the Bizarre!